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Module 03 - RIFLES 101


Illustration of a hunter's hands pointing a firearm at a deer target with the sight focused on the game's vital zone. 

Plan on hunting with a rifle? This section covers the need-to-knows.

Rifling in the Rifle

It may sound a little funny, but the ‘rifling in the rifle’ is a key technical aspect of your rifle and the secret to its accuracy. The rifling (spiraling grooves and lands) cause your bullet to project from the rifle barrel like a football thrown from a quarterback, increasing it’s speed and distance. The Superbowl spin.


Caliber is a measurement of bore diameter in either hundredths of an inch or in millimeters. Rifles are sized by their caliber. The distance could be measured either in inches or in millimeters from land-to-land or from groove-to-groove, depending on the specific cartridge.

Illustration of the view down a rifle's muzzle showing its rifling.


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