HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 05 - HANDGUNS 101


Follow these steps to safely unload your double action revolver:

STEP 1: If equipped, turn the safety ‘ON’. Most revolvers don’t have safeties. Check your owner's manual if you aren’t sure.

STEP 2: Point the firearm in a safe direction.

STEP 3: Make sure nothing touches the trigger area during the process.

STEP 4: Open the action by pressing the cylinder release to swing the cylinder out and expose the chambers.

STEP 5: Push on the ejector rod to allow the cartridges or empty casings to fall out. If they don’t eject, remove them by hand.

STEP 6: Leave the action open.


STEP 7: Look in the chamber to confirm that there’s no ammunition or casings in there.

STEP 8: Inspect the feeding path for any objects.

STEP 9: Examine the bore for lubricant, rust or obstructions. Now you’re officially UNLOADED.

Check This Out: Handgun Hands

When you grasp a single action revolver or double action revolver using both hands, make sure the thumb of your non-dominant hand overlaps the thumb of your dominant hand. This places your hands in the most stable position possible for firing.

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