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Reaching your hunting destination may require you to make some waves. Feeling the breeze while you whip across a lake is awesome. However, there are unique accident risks for hunters that use boats for transportation or for hunting activities. Whether you’re paddling or using a motor, you should be prepared and equipped for an emergency situation. If you plan on hunting from your boat, make sure it’s legal to shoot a firearm from a boat in your state.

Boating Laws For Hunters

Include a boating trip plan on your official hunting plan. Know what lake you’re on, research its hazards before you launch the boat and carry the required safety equipment. Get a Boater Education Card before you hit the water. Most states will require you to have one if the boat is motorized.

Remember if you’re hunting from a boat, you’re a boater too and must follow all the applicable state-specific rules and regulations for boating. Running out of time? No worries— get your Boater Education Card online from®.


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