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Module 14 - SURVIVAL


It may take an hour to set in but once it arrives. The following treatment will need to be applied quickly if a victim of hypothermia is going to survive:

  • Get them to a warm shelter as quickly as possible.
  • If there is no warm shelter, build a fire for them to sit next to.
  • Remove their wet clothes and replace them with warm dry clothing, blankets or towels.
  • Place heated blankets or warm towels on their body.
  • Never rub their limbs to warm them up—this will encourage cold blood to move toward the heart and could cause a stroke.
  • If the case is severe, be prepared to snuggle up. Use your body heat to warm their body.
  • Give them warm liquids to drink, but no booze. Save those hot toddies for the recovery celebration. Alcohol will thin their blood and worsen the condition.
  • Get them professional treatment as quickly as possible.

Hypothermia Prevention

Stay warm and dry out there. If the weather conditions are cool, be prepared by dressing and packing appropriately. If you’re using a boat, wear a lifejacket in case you fall overboard.

Check This Out: Frostbite 101

Frostbite occurs when skin tissue is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Fingers, toes, noses, and ears… those are the zones that feel it first. Look for white patches on the skin and pay attention to a prickly feeling in the affected area. If the prickling stops and goes numb, you’re getting worse, not better. Warm the area using body heat and warm clothing but don’t rub or pour hot water on the affected skin. Brace yourself for the hot, sharp return of feeling to a frostbitten area.

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