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The hunting camp experience is a great one. Like graduating scouts or going to college, some hunters consider the first visit to be a rite of passage.

Traditional camps are exactly what you might picture: Plywood bunk beds, outhouses, fire pits and lantern light. Fancier camps may even have luxury items like toilets and bug spray. Classy or rough, a hunting camp is a great place to escape from it all, kick your feet up by a fire and listen to the crickets sing.

So join a camp. Or start a camp. Just get a group together and begin forging the connections that will last a lifetime.

Heading to a camp for the first time? Here’s the best advice you’ll get—arrive early, put your food and drinks on ice and score the best bunk. Other than that, just have a good time and stay safe!  

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Odds are, you’ll take a picture with your phone at some point during your hunting trip. Cool stuff happens out there—you’re with good friends and family and being outside all day lends opportunity for those ‘stop-and-take-a-pic’ moments.

So, here’s a little ‘capture the moment’ advice:

  • Hold out those antlers, spread out that turkey fan. Really work it.
  • Have a picture taken of you hunting with your kids (it’ll be the most ‘Liked’ thing you’ll ever put on Facebook).
  • Don’t post any gruesome pics of your kill—it’ll be terrible for your hunter image and not all of your Facebook friends will be interested in that kind of show and tell.
  • DO use the hashtag #HUNTINGsmart.


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