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Firearms and ammunition that are brought into the home, to a hunting camp or are transported in a vehicle, must be properly stored and secured to reduce the risk of injury to others. Follow these guidelines (which may be required in your state) to make sure you’re on the right track:

Illustration of firearms and ammunition stored in their own safes in a garage.

Always store firearms and ammunition separate from each other.

Illustration of locked firearm and ammunition safes in a garage.

Store firearms and ammunition in a location that is out of sight and under lock and key (away from children, thieves and any adults you don’t trust).

Illustration of a man's hands holding a firearm.

Make sure stored firearms are unloaded—CHECK IT YOURSELF before putting it away.

Illustration of a man's hands holding a firearm on its side with the action open.

Never put your firearm away if it’s wet with oil. Wipe off any excess oil and allow it to dry in a safe place first.

Illustration of firearms and ammunition in their own safes in a garage.

Store the firearms in a cool, dry place (a certified safe or locker are the absolute best options).

Illustration of a man's hand holding two HUNTINGsmart! hunting licenses.

Have your family members take a Hunting Education Course to be better informed about firearm safety.

Illustration of a man's hand locking a firearm's trigger with a trigger lock.

Use trigger locks and other locking devices to increase your safety (in some states these devices may be required).

Understand that you are legally responsible for the safe storage of your firearms and ammunition

24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. In addition to safe storage requirements, this also means that if a firearm is not in storage, it must be under the physical control of the owner to prevent unauthorized use (i.e. the owner must be physically present, firearm locks must be used, or the firearm must be locked in a vehicle).


Wise Words: Theft Prevention

Don’t go bragging about the impressive contents of your firearm case. Houses get robbed for items that are a lot less valuable… and a lot less dangerous.

Illustration of a darkened garage with a spotlight illuminating locked firearm and ammunition safes.


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