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Loading A Pump Action Shotgun | HUNTINGsmart!

HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 04 - SHOTGUNS 101


Follow these steps to safely load your pump action shotgun:

Illustration of a hunter's hands holding a pump action shotgun on its side with the action open.

STEP 1: CHECK IT YOURSELF to make sure it’s unloaded and safe to handle.

Illustration of a hunter's hands turning on a pump action shotgun's safety.

STEP 2: Turn the safety ‘ON’ (if it can be engaged during the loading process).

Illustration of a hunter's hands keeping off of a pump action shotgun's trigger.

STEP 3: Make sure nothing touches the trigger area during this process.

Illustration of a hunter's hands holding a forward facing pump action shotgun.

STEP 4: Point the firearm in a safe direction.

Illustration of a hunter's finger checking a pump action shotgun's chamber for any obstructions.

STEP 5: Clear the chamber and bore of any obstructions (clean, if required).

Illustration of a pump action shotgun with the action closed and the forestock in the forward position.

STEP 6: Move the forestock to the forward position to close the action.

Illustration of a pump action shotgun with a close up on the data stamp and shotshell's head stamp.

STEP 7: Select the correct ammunition by matching the data stamp on the firearm with the head stamp on the cartridge or ammo box.

Illustration of ammunition entering a pump action shotgun's magazine.

STEP 8: Place the ammunition into the magazine.

Illustration of a pump action shotgun's action being cycled to load a cartridge into the chamber.

STEP 9: Cycle the action to move a cartridge from the magazine into the chamber.

Illustration of a pump action shotgun with the safety highlighted in orange.

STEP 10: Turn the safety ‘ON’ (if not already engaged), unless you’re immediately prepared to fire.

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