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The wide variety of camouflage patterns and brands out there are designed to match certain landscapes and at certain times of the year. Think like a special ops sniper and make sure you choose the camo colors and prints that accomplish these two things: First, your camo should suit your hunting activity (type of game) and secondly, it should blend you into the background of your location.

Are the various camo prints out there that different? YES. We like to break it down by region:

Up North

The camo colors in the northern region are usually browns, greens and rusty oranges to match the common types of trees, which include poplar, alder, fir, maple, birch and oak.

Down South

The camo colors in the south include browns, greys, beiges, tans, rusty oranges and greens.  These colors match the common vegetation of the area, which could be anything from brambles, to oaks draped in moss to sugar pines! The south has a wide and colorful landscape.

East Side

The camo colors in the east include neutral tones but a variety of landscapes. You’ll see mostly greens, greys and browns that will match the diverse terrain, which can include thick forests of pine and oak as well as stretches of meadows and fields.

West Side

The western landscape is rugged and diverse. There’s everything from rainforests, to sunny meadows and dusty deserts. Your best bet is to go with neutral earth tones that incorporate the patterns of the hunting area’s vegetation (i.e. grasses, timber, rocks), so go for greens, tans, and browns that have the right landscape characteristics.


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