HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 11 - IN THE FIELD


You may be the adrenaline junkie who struck out in search of rugged landscapes—or, you may be the more conservative hunter who stumbled across a rocky precipice with a 50 foot drop entirely by accident. Regardless of your intention or circumstance, you’ll need to stay sharp to stay safe when travelling over dangerous terrain.

What constitutes dangerous terrain? Anywhere you may slip and fall while holding a firearm, such as:

  • Steep hills.
  • Slippery or moss-covered rocks.
  • Rocky terrain.
  • Snowy or icy conditions.

In hunting areas with land features or conditions like these ones, the terrain may be too challenging to trek and safely handle a firearm. Avoid these areas, but if you end up here accidentally, point your muzzle in a safe direction, keep the firearm unloaded and move forward very carefully. You never want an emergency on your hands and you especially don’t want one in a place that’s difficult for rescuers to access.

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