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Module 11 - IN THE FIELD


A ground blind is a camouflage cover that you can buy or you can build yourself. Hunters use blinds when they’re waiting on a trail for game animals to come to them, like with turkey hunting or deer hunting. Ground blinds will protect you from the elements but their greatest benefit is that they conceal your scent and movements, taking the pressure off you a little bit. Additionally, some hunting areas won’t have the tree area needed to properly set up a treestand, so a ground blind will definitely be the way to go.  

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A great advantage of using a ground blind is that you can just hang out, side by side, with someone you care about. Soak in some quality time with dad or with a good, or an old friend. A ground blind is basically a big fort for grown-ups. Swap stories. Plan secret missions. Quietly enjoy.

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