HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 14 - SURVIVAL


A hunter under the influence of drugs or alcohol blatantly disrespects the sport of hunting and presents a risk to everyone in the field.

Never consume alcohol before or during a hunting trip and never go hunting with anyone who has. Even just a few drinks will impair a hunter’s vision, hearing, mental and physical abilities and their sense of judgment. So, imagine that a drunken hunter with these common side effects is standing next to you with a loaded firearm in his hands. Can you feel that? Yep—that’s your skin crawling and your instincts screaming.

Hunters must be sober and fully alert at all times to keep themselves and everyone around them safe. Don’t risk your life—save any celebrations involving alcohol for the end of the hunt. You can’t truly relax until all the firearms and ammo have been safely put away and secured. Leave any booze back at the camp and let it chill while you’re gone. Having a few cold ones is a great way to end a hunt trip with your buddies.

Alcohol belongs back at home or at the camp. It does not belong in the field, in the truck, in the blind, or in the stand. It won’t hydrate you and it definitely won’t keep you alive in an emergency situation. Got it?

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