HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 14 - SURVIVAL


Think through your trip carefully and assess all of the trip details for any risks and potential dangers. Buy a topographical map, evaluate the terrain and try to visit the area beforehand. Consider the types of dangerous wildlife that you might encounter in that area—other than the game you’re after. You may be stalking deer but should you carry a can of bear spray? Should you be on the lookout for mountain lions? Any chance there might be crocs in that swamp? Just think it through.

Check This Out: The Numbers - The most common causes of hunting accidents are:

  • Failure to identify the target before shooting (15.5%).
  • The shooter swinging on game (12.8%).
  • Careless firearm handling (11.4%).
  • The victim was out of sight of shooter (8.3%).
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