HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 14 - SURVIVAL


Hypothermia occurs when your core body temperature drops below 95°F. It causes your body to lose heat faster than it can generate it and your vital internal organs will lose their ability to function. Exposure to cold air and water cause hypothermia and unfortunately, it’s a major cause of death among outdoor enthusiasts.

But we know this—look at all of the cold weather gear options out there. It’s designed to keep hypothermia at bay and hunters alive. Make sure you’re properly equipped if you’re hunting in damp and/or cold weather.

Death by freezing is obviously what we’re trying to avoid, but it’s also important to know that hypothermia will severely impair a hunter’s good judgment, leading to mistakes and poor decision-making. You don’t want someone handling a firearm if their ability to make good choices has been compromised.

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